In some cases it might be necessary to charge either caller or callee or both for the on-net call based on per-minute rate. There are several optons available in the Cloud Softswitch for doing that:

  • Charging through the rate sheet using special prefixes "onnet_in" and "onnet_out";
  • Charging through the service plan on per-DID basis.

Charging Using Rates

In order to change on-net calls there are two special prefixes defined in the softswitch:

  • "onnet_in" - sets per-minute rate for any incoming on-net call;
  • "onnet_out" - sets per-minute rate for any outbound on-net call.

It is also possible to charge voicemail access using special "voicemail_check" prefix.

These special prefixes support the same set of charging options as regular prefixes, such as Interbal 1, Interval N, Price 1, Price N, etc. 

Charging Using Service Plan

Another possible option for charging user for incoming calls is by setting Accessibility Surcharges in the service plan. This is a special case for charging user for calls that are coming through particular DID only. This charge will not apply to any other types of incoming calls.