API scripts


This script uses make2WayCallback application to initiate a callback.

  • Location: /simpleapi/callback.php
  • Parameters:
    • authname - VoIP login to be used as callback initiator,
    • cld_first - number to make callback,
    • cli_first - make call leg look like to be made from specified CLI,
    • cld_second - number to dial to,
    • cli_second - make call leg look like to be made from specified CLI,
    • credit_time - terminate first call leg after this number of seconds.

Example of usage

To initiate a callback on behalf of account1 with CLI 1111 to CLD 2222 and limit duration of call to 5 minutes use next HTTP request:


Get available credit

This script uses getAccountInfo application to retrieve account's available credit.

  • Location: /simpleapi/available_credit.php
  • Parameters:
    • username - username of account
  • Returns:
    • available credit of account in form 'N.NNNNNNNN CURRENCY'
    • in case of error string in form 'ERROR: Error explanation'

Example of usage

To get available credit of account with username 00001 use next HTTP request: