Dear Partners,

Security is very important for us and for your business, for this reason we highly recommend that you always take our security guide seriously and do it for your business as soon as you can.

E-mail Security:

  • Always choose strong passwords for your e-mails and sites that you access. Full guide details here.
  • If you choose Google Apps or GMAIL for your e-mail, it will take you few minutes to setup Two-Step Verification, full guide here.
  • If you use Windows PC make sure that you run updates to the OS regularly and have a valid anti-virus subscription to scan your incoming e-mails.
  • In home-office networks, use an external Firewall and SPAM detection. open-source ones are available by Googling then you can turn your old PC to your network firewall.

Operating System:

  • Did you know that there is a cool and very secure OS for free ? its alternative to windows . Download Now.
  • Keep windows updated if you use Windows PC.
  • Install Anti-Virus and Bit-defender on windows, open-source and commercial products will do the job.
  • in Ubuntu run apt-get install updates regularly to install latest patches and security updates for installed packages.
Server Security:

  • Always recommended to use an external firewall before your servers for a more secure network. Learn more.
  • Allow access only from Trusted IP to your web interface and sensitive places.
  • Always use SSL certificate on pages that you login from to ensure secure tunnel between your network and server. Buy SSL Certificate.
  • Hire a qualified security person to scan your network for possible open ports or holes at least once a year.
  • DO NOT USE easy password and common user names.
  • Always use access-lists in your server to only allow connections from known parties inn/out.
  • Do not install any scripts from internet and use them on your servers, keep your server running only the apps you need and thats it !
  • At last no matter what you have and do you always must keep a monitoring team or personal 24/7 on your network or at least part-time IT Admin to manage your server security, OS updates, disk space.


You never know what happens, most business run out of business or loose reputation because of loosing their data. Always backup ! 

Types of backup:

  • Local backup: Generate a backup of your data at least once a day of all important information and save them on the disk.
  • External backup: Hard disks are most likely to die sooner or later, use an external HDD with Raid 1 config for external backups
  • Database: if you're using DB such as MySQL-PSQL-Oralce, do not run on single machine always use replication to sync to a backup server.
  • Off-site backup: if you're located in Jordan always do an off-site backup in USA/Europe etc.. incase everything fails locally or earth quake or fire accure - you will have a backup elsewhere to restore from.

The above information was written line-by-line by us after years of experience in common issues related to security, most probably any of these could happen to you at least once a year and we hate to see you sad so please TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Thanks for your cooperation!