Calling cards configuration is very easy, the first thing must be done is to add IVR application for calling cards.

IVR Applications is the menu that allows configuring IVR applications. Examples of such applications are Calling Card, ANI Callback, Top-up etc. Once created, application can be assigned to one or more DID numbers to be invoked each time the call via that DID number has been received.

For applications that provide language selection there is list of langiages to select from. Once the application has been saved there is also section to fine tune application parameters. Detailed description of advanced parameters is provided in the IVR Section.

Generate Calling Card PIN:

To generate a calling card PIN go to My Customers >> Accounts >> Add new.

Account Name: (Must be numbers) e.g 12345678

Choose routing group and service plan you wish to charge the calling card pin then save and close.

Once this above steps have been completed, call access numbers you added previously in DID pool and you'll hear the IVR Prompt enter your Pin number, in this case we'll enter 1234567#, IVR will announce balance and ask to enter destination number e.g. 19546678354# --> Call is routed to carrier.

For more details on how to configure calling cards application, please contact .