IMPORTANT: Cloud Softswitch keeps CDRs stored for up to maximum 2 years, you can decrease this period from web interface - by default the data retention policy is set to 6 months.

To access data retention policy login to your softswitch, Click on System Management >> System Parameters >> Data Retention:.

Archive: Will be kept in Cloud Softswitch database archive table for maximum 6 month (if you require to keep a local backup onsite please use the CDRs or Summary reports excel download option from web interface).

Purge All CDRs: This option means DELETE the billable CDRs forever that are older than 2 years.

Purge Zero CDRs: This option means DELETE the zero duration CDRs (Failed Calls) forever that are older than 6 months

Similar concept goes for Purge Rates and Purge Routes (Vendor Cost Rates) from database. 

If you require to keep data for longer periods or if you need a custom CDRs automation and storage, please contact support team as we can design custom scripts to automate the process of CDRs archiving to external systems.