1- Burn ISO images DISC1 and DISC2 to CD.

2- Connect CD 1 to the server and power ON.

3- Choose INSTALL Option once Wholesale Switch boot Logo appears.

4- Click Next once you see the Welcome Screen.

5- Configure IP Address for the server, Enter IP, Default GW and DNS server (Ask your Data Center for this intonation).

6- Enter root password for your system.

7- Use Entire Disk Space for installation and click Next.

8- Installation will start:

Installation Wholesale Switch

9- Insert CD 2 and continue the installation procedure.

10- Click OK and continue the installation

11- Once installation is complete, Click Reboot.

11- On the first reboot Wholesale Switch welcome screen will appear to complete configuration & installation of Softswitch.


13- Wholesale Switch components will start download/installing on your machine (this may take several minutes).