Wholesale Switch is installed on 2 servers:

Switching Server
(Softswitch, RADIUS billing engine, and main DB)
Admin Server
(Alerts, statistics & logs, invoicing, and replica DB)
Minimum RAM 16GB 4GB
RAID 1+0 1
Minimum Disc Space 300GB 120GB

In order to ensure the chosen hardware set 100% satisfies the requirements and provides adequate performance, submit your preferred configuration to ADMS engineer for review prior to placing an order with your hardware vendor.

All servers must:

  • Have a DVD-ROM optical drive

  • Have 2 network (Gigabit Ethernet) ports

  • Be connected to IP KVM (or use a remote access card like Dell DRAC) and remote power switch

Avoid any entry-level or desktop-oriented components, and use only high-performance ones, for example:

  • RAID must be write cache enabled

  • CPUs must be of the server type (Xeon or Opteron), with 64bit support, released in 2007 or later, with frequency of 2.2GHz or higher

To identify whether Wholesale Switch can be installed on the specific servers, please use the Hardware compatibility CD. Download the CD image and burn it on the CD using any of the CD-recording programs. Boot up from this CD, and Wholesale Switch test utility will detect if all of the required components (e.g. network interface) are available and supported by Linux (RedHat v6).