Vendor Costs is list of all prefixes, called Routes, with associated minute rates that should be sent to a particular Connection or group of Connections.

The role of Destination Set is two fold:

  1. First of all, it defines complete list of pefixes that have to be route to a particular Connection or group of Connections. When Connection is associated with particular Destination Set in Routing Group, only prefixes listed in that Destination Set will be routed to that Connection.
  2. Secondly, Destination Set defines prices that will be charged by the termination provider (Vendor) when the call is being sent to that provider. Those prices will be used to track balance with each particular Vendor as well as to make routing decisions when Least Cost routing is enabled.

Billing parameters in Destination Set are:

  • FreeSeconds - in seconds
  • ConnectFee - in money units
  • PostCallSurcharge - in percents
  • GracePeriod - in seconds

The parameters above have the same meaning as similar parameters in Tariffs and they are used to calculate cost of the outgoing call.


Each Destination Set can have set of prefixes attached to it. All those prefixes are called Routes.

For example

if you have service agreement with carrier FooTel, who provides you with access to two his SIP-to-PSTN termination gateways: one in the Moscow, Russia and the second one in London, UK there will be Vendor in the system representing that carrier, two Connections associated with that vendor and two Destination Sets. One Destination Set will have Route with prefix 795 and the second with one with 44207 prefix. In addition, if those gateways can terminate calls to other destinations within the same area (mobile, nearby areas etc) there can be other prefixes in those two Destination Sets as well.

In addition, each Route has number of billing parameters matching the same parameters in Rates above and they are used to calculate cost of the outgoing call.

Adding, Updating, and Deleting a Destination Set

On the Destination Sets page (shown below), you can add a new Destination Set, update an existing Destination Set, or delete an existing Destination Set.

To add a new Vendor Cost, under the Add Vendor Cost section, select Add New.

To update an existing Vendor Cost, in the table of Vendor Cost, select the name of the Vendor Cost you wish to edit (e.g. "Supplier Cost"), which appears as a link. Update the desired values. When you are done, select Save & Close. The Vendor Cost has now been updated, and you are returned to the Vendor Cost page.