Calling Card Scenario (checklist)


Check list with required steps


Vendor section menu:


Click Add Vendor

(specify: name, currency, balance etc.)



Click action Open Connections



Click Add connection under the new created vendor

(specify: name, destination(IP), username/password etc.)


Routing section menu:

Enter the Vendor Costs page


Click Add Vendor cost

(specify: name, currency etc.)



Click Open Routes

(it is prefixes and prices of your vendor)



Click Add Route or Upload Routes from file

(add new prefixes and prices etc.)


Enter the Routing Groups page


Click Add Routing Group

(specify: name, routing policy (active list), on-net routing (if requires), routing entries list)


Tariffs & Currencie section menu: s

Enter the Tariffs page


Click Add Tariff

(specify: name, currency, avg call duration etc.)



Click Open Rates

(it is prefixes and prices for your customers)



Click Add Rate or Upload Rate from file

(add new prefixes and prices etc.)


Enter the Service Plan page


Click Add Service Plan

(specify: name, basic tariff, billing cycle, billing type, on billing failure etc.)


My Customers section menu:

Enter the Accounts page


Click Add Account (will be as card number)

(specify: Account Name, Voip Login, Voip Password, Service Plan, Routing group, balance etc.)


System Management section menu:

Enter the IVR Applications page:


Click Add New IVR Application; Save & Close



Open the new created IVR Application and specify a required options in the "Advanced Parameters". Some useful options:



·  Trusted CLI Authentication = TRUE (auth. by incoming CLI and allows to make calls without asking to enter the Card Number);

  (additionally you have to assign a Trusted number to some Account via action menu of some account)

·  Allow Empty PIN = TRUE  (to disable question to enter PIN CODE which is in account properties)

·  Ignore Connect FEE = TRUE (to announce balance without connect fee)

·  Announce Balance = TRUE (to announce balance)

·  Enable Balck List = 3 (block CLI after 3 incorrect attempts to enter a Card Number)

·  Smart Dial Exclusive Mode = TRUE (Smart Dial DID will not be shared amongst many accounts and will be possible to use it only for one account per DID)

·  Enable Hot Dial = TRUE (If the Hot Dial sub-application enabled you can use hot keys which have specified for your Card/Account(see action menu of account))

·  CLI As Card Number = TRUE (if incoming CLI the same as account number system will not ask you to enter the Card Number)


DID Numbers section menu:

Enter the DID POOL page


Click ADD to add DID manually or click UPLOAD the DID number from file

(specify: DID and assign to you IVR application)


Routing section menu:

Enter the Test Dialplan page


Try to make a test of your configuration

(specify: Account, CLI/CLD)